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Forever Green Recycle, Inc.

      Get Directions to Forever Green Recycle

4124 Walney Road, Unit F
Chantilly, VA 20151

Mon - Fri Contact:
Office Phone703-378-5500
Alt Phone: 703-282-9473

Sat - Sun Contact:
Phone: 703-689-1129 (Duke Scott- call/text)

Equipment Sales:

Primary Contact: Alex Scott
Phone: 267-625-6385 (call or text)


Secondary Contact: Gordon F Scott
Phone: 703-282-9473 (call or text)


Drop Off Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am-3pm and Negotiable
Sat: 8am-11am and Negotiable
Sun: Negotiable

Pick Up Hours:

Mon - Fri: Negotiable


Forever Green Recycle offers convenience to its customers with our drop off location in Chantilly, VA. Forever Green looks for new locations where your suggestions are appreciated. If you are not near our drop off location, we can arrange pick-up and shipping options for the proper disposal of your equipment.

Consumers will have a greater need for the services of Forever Green Recycle because of the rapidly changing and advancing technology market causing an increase in the number of recycled items. Facts and figures on e-waste and recycling shows e-waste equals 2% of the trash in America's landfills. The amount of properly recycled electronic waste is currently 20% where e-waste equals 70% of all toxic wastes. Protect yourself as you protect the planet. 

Product and Environmental Stewardship- To help our clients, we monitor new and emerging electronic technologies and their laws such that we can reuse or redeploy recyclable assets and alleviate the risk of improper disposal. 

Sustainable Networking- By maintaining good communication, the needs of our customer and future markets with our vendors are known, and we can stay ahead of the emerging market and maintain an eco-friendly waste stream for the assets of our customers. The Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship created Moving Sustainable Electronics Forward Report, August 2014. The National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship created an Accomplishments Report, January 2017.

Local Events

Earth Day occurs on April 22 every year. We help various cities and companies with their Earth Day events. History of the first Earth Day. History of the first Earth DayHistorical audio of first Earth Day.

South Riding Proprietary hosts a community shred, recycle, and cleanup event every year where Forever Green Recycle collects onsite. 

Virginia- Local schools in Virginia tour Forever Green Recycle for Earth Day celebration. We are working with some local schools about collection events.