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Forever Green Recycle, Inc.

      Get Directions to Forever Green Recycle

4124 Walney Road, Unit F
Chantilly, VA 20151

Mon - Fri Contact:
Office Phone703-378-5500
Alt Phone: 703-282-9473

Sat - Sun Contact:
Phone: 703-689-1129 (Duke Scott- call/text)

Equipment Sales:

Primary Contact: Alex Scott
Phone: 267-625-6385

Secondary Contact: Ben Hirsh
Phone: 703-623-8118

Drop Off Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am-4pm and Negotiable
Sat10am-3pm and Negotiable

      Pick Up Hours:
      Mon - FriNegotiable

About Us

Forever Green Recycle, Inc., an environmental technologies company, started as a computer and electronic equipment recycling firm, headquartered in Chantilly, VA. We meet the needs of our clients and then found additional markets and downstream vendors for all electronic devices and other universal waste. Items we accept.

At Forever Green Recycle, our first priority is to serve our clients with the highest possible level of assistance, response, and protection. We use security, safety, and environmental responsibility for the assets of our clients. Our goal for every job is to surpass current standards of response, logistics, data security, and reliability.

Forever Green Recycle never uses landfills for the disposal of electronics. Received equipment is triaged for reuse and is never shipped to 3rd world countries. Nonreusable equipment is disassembled by US workers to the commodity level, i.e. aluminum, copper, circuit boards, metal, and plastic. Plastic recycling plans and facts. Our junk removal service division is distinctly known for its policy of nothing goes to landfills.


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