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Forever Green Recycle, Inc.

      Get Directions to Forever Green Recycle

4124 Walney Road, Unit F
Chantilly, VA 20151

Mon - Fri Contact:
Office Phone703-378-5500
Alt Phone: 703-282-9473

Sat - Sun Contact:
Phone: 703-689-1129 (Duke Scott- call/text)

Equipment Sales:

Primary Contact: Alex Scott
Phone: 267-625-6385 (call or text)


Secondary Contact: Gordon F Scott
Phone: 703-282-9473 (call or text)


Drop Off Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am-3pm and Negotiable
Sat: 8am-11am and Negotiable
Sun: Negotiable

Pick Up Hours:

Mon - Fri: Negotiable



Recycling creates a cleaner world for you, your children, your grandchildren. . . 

Our Services

Forever Green Recycle, Inc. specializes in full-service electronic (e-waste) and metal recycling and junk removal. We only use domestic downstream vendors. We first triage all equipment for possible reuse before breaking it down to commodity level: aluminum boards, wiring, etc. These commodities are then reintroduced into the market via other remanufacturers and resellers. We can provide asset recovery programs and are expanding the “we take it all” approach to recycling programs due to our extensive downstream vendor list. Items we accept. 

TVs can be recycled at Fairfax County Recycling Center with hours and two locations.

*We no longer process TV's, Monitor, VH or Cassette tapes 

Our Priority

At Forever Green Recycle, our priority is to serve our clients with the highest possible level of assistance, response, and protection. We always offer our clients the security of knowing that their assets have been dealt with safely and with environmental responsibility.